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Summary WikiEngine
Category techcomm
License BSD License
Owner(s) ksr

Message from the owner(s)

Wiki is popular category of web application. Anything would gather into WikiEngine like many feature gathered into Common Lisp :-)

What tiki is

Tiki is one of WikiEngine. See c2.com Tiki

Why tiki is

Tiki is not too big and not too small. It has a lot of implementation of funny idea.
  • 1.x-
    • simple
    • stable
  • 1.4.4x-
    • colorful
    • compatible with WardsWiki
    • defacto standard extentions
    • plugin framework
    • multiple nodes operatable by one installtion
    • stable


Now, 1.4.x is under going. There are a lot of to-do.
  • 1.4.x stable; developping;
  • 1.5.x experimental; check something new feature;
  • 1.6.x under design;
  • 2.0.x under design;


  • from 1.x to 1.4.42 Tiki License
  • from 1.4.42 GPL
Tiki license is very similar with MPL or BSD, but the source should be distributed with the package.
From 1.4.42, GPL is applied. License might be changed without notice.


Let's join this project. Especially i18n contribution is waited for, translation and Unicode support etc.